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Marco Lopez
aka Marco Antonio

Marco's Credits

These credits are all correct as I used my own various personal sources
to make sure of it. A few personal notes: Marco was Elvis Presley's
first stand in for Love Me Tender, doubled for Rod Taylor as well as
worked as his personal assistant for a number of years and was hired
by Jack Webb to double for him in Dragnet.


Adam 12 1968-1974
Beverly Hills Buntz 1987
Broken Arrow 1960
Chase 1973
Columbo 1992
Dobie Gillis 1961
Dragnet 1969-70
Emergency! 1972-77
Glory Years (HBO mini series) 1986
Hong Kong 1961
Lloyd Bridges Show 1962
MacGyver 1985
Mannix 1969
Marcus Welby M.D.1969
Mission: Impossible 1968
Murder She Wrote 1990/1991
Name of the Game
New Temperatures Rising Show 1972/74
Next Step Beyond 1978
No Soap Radio 1982
O'Hara, United States Treasury 1970/71
Outer Limits 1963
The Bold Ones 1969
The D.A
The Judge 1987
The New Gidget 1987
The Six Million Dollar Man 1976
The Watcher 1994
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea 1966-69


General Hospital 1995-96
Santa Barbara 1991


Airport 1970
America's Sweethearts 2001
Around the World in Eighty Days 1956
Broken Lance 1954
Chuka 1967
Deadly Duo 1962
Elian Gonzales Story 2000
Emergency! 1972
Fun In Alcapulco 1963
Holiday For Lovers 1959
Love Me Or Leave Me 1955
Play it to the Bone 2000
Poseidon Adventure 1972
South Pacific 1958
The Enemy Below 1957
The King And I 1956
The Mexican 2001
Trapped 1973
Vanished 1971


Bank of America
Budweiser Beer
Kodak Film
Nabisco-Buenos Tortilla Chips
Ortega Salsa
State Farm Insurance

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